CSEM Modelling, Advanced 3D Visualisation and Survey Design

The use of electromagnets in mine site delineation has been a standard feature of mineral geophysics in the past but the application to sensing changes in oil field fluids is a relatively new application.  Most of the activity in this area has been by groups historically involved in Magneto-telluric methods.  Curtin’s long involvement in developing state-of-the-art instrumentation, signal processing analysis and interpretation of Transient Electromagnetics (TEM) for mineral exploration in geologically complex environments provides a different perspective upon the possible acquisition configurations and interpretation methodology for sub-sea EM for oil/gas. Current CRGC research involves advanced 3D visualisation of CSEM modelled data for optimised survey design.

Prof. Anton Kepic (A.Kepic@curtin.edu.au)
A. Prof. Brett Harris (B.Harris@curtin.edu.au)
Dr. Andrew Pethick (andrew.pethick@student.curtin.edu.au)