Seismic Monitoring with Continuous Signals

The use of continuous signal to do seismic exploration and monitor reservoirs gives the potential for better information on the subsurface to be extracted. Such signals have the potential to improve the precision of measurement by large factors. Continuous sources can also be used to improve signal to noise ratio in areas of interest by focussing energy at the zone of interest in the subsurface.

Laboratory trials of continuous signals to record seismic data have been done and demonstrate the principle of the use of such signals. Multiple sources can be set up as phased arrays and can focus energy onto volumes of interest in monitoring reservoir parameters.  The precision with which frequencies can be generated and measured, gives the potential to extract additional information from the recorded signals.  Thus reservoir parameters such as changes in frequency dependent attenuation or dispersion may well be measurable using the inherent precision in continuous sources. The results of the laboratory experiments will soon be tested in the field where other interfering factors may need to be considered.  These experiments will test the viability of the continuous signals in production situations.