Low Frequency Acoustic Measurements

Attenuation of seismic waves is emerging as an important indicator of oil and gas presence in the subsurface. This is mostly used empirically as existing theories of seismic attenuation/dispersion in fluid-saturated rocks are largely untested.

We propose to perform comprehensive experimental testing of these theories using broadband measurements of dynamic elastic properties of rock samples. Experiments will be done using a combination of forced-oscillation strain gauge measurements (10 Hz – 2KHz), laser interferometry (100 Hz – 200 kHz) and ultrasonic testing (100-1000 kHz). The results will be compared with theoretical predictions computed using numerical simulations.

Prof. Maxim Lebedev (M.Lebedev@exchange.curtin.edu.au)
Prof. Boris Gurevich (B.Gurevich@curtin.edu.au)